Pewter Repousse

Pewter repousse involves “pushing” into the back of the pewter sheet to create a raised pattern on the front.  It requires the design to be “back to front”.  The skill complements my other passion, printmaking, since this also produces a reverse image of a printing plate.  Thinking and working back to front requires discipline and often produces some unexpected results!

Pewter takes on a beautiful patina with age and use.  While pewter can be polished to a silver finish, I deliberately encourage the patina by treating the metal with stove black and a patina treatment.

Pewter lends itself to designs and patterns from the aesthetic, arts and crafts, art nouveau and deco movements.  Many of my designs are inspired by decorations, objects and fabrics from these periods.  I am also inspired by the idea of taking old discarded objects – such as an old book, box or frame – and giving it a new life with a unique pewter cover.

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