The Wraiths of Golgonooza

Sarah Cliff, The Wraiths of Golgonooza (screenprint)

A visual collaborative response by Sarah Cliff and Jill Laudet to William Blake’s rejection of eighteenth century materialism and exploitation, and his remedy: Golgonooza, his boundless City of Imagination. Exhibited at noformat Gallery, Deptford, 2020

In despair at the destructive and sorrowful impact of eighteenth century materialism, violent wars, the exploitation of human labour, sexual hypocrisy, moral condemnation and punitive laws, and the denial and oppression of the soul’s winged life, William Blake invoked Golgonooza, his boundless City of Imagination, the secret of life and creativity, to embrace all in unity. Katherine Raine

Jill Laudet: The Guardians Stone, metal, ceramics, wood, discarded packaging, found ‘embellishments‘
The Mandala Gold leaf on silk banner
Sarah Cliff: Left: Shadow of Delight (etching) Right: Font of the Unfettered (Steel, bronze, etching, pit-fired clay)
Sarah Cliff: Tender Sinews of Life (graphite, steel, stone, relief printed paper, etching)
Sarah Cliff: Enitharmon’s Loom (Collaged mono-printed porcelain mask, steel, found objects, relief printed paper)
Sarah Cliff: How to Gibbet a Man (Jesmonite, ebony, print on found objects, etching, pit-fired clay, raku, letterpress)